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June Leaderboard

Do you want to join the Amanda & Kelly June 2018 Leaderboard game? This month we are giving away 3-month membership to the BEST membership program out there by the BEST guys out there: ATOMIC by Andrew & Pete valued at over $100! Whoever gets the most leaderboard points at the end of the month WINS!

How to Play:

This is a Facebook Messenger game so all the questions take place inside of your messenger. We send out 2 questions per week. One will be a social media or digital marketing related question or a fun game piece. The second will be a weekly bonus question based on the last Amanda & Kelly Show episode. You get 1 point just for playing and more points for winning.

Points are added up throughout the month and the player with the most at the end of the month wins our monthly prize!

Play now:

You Don't Know Instagram

Who wants to win a prize from our Mystery Treasure Chest?!?!? You? Of course, you do! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Like this post 💕

2. Play our newest Messenger Game “You Don’t Know Instagram” (opens in Facebook Messenger)
*Click the link to play 👉

3. Post your final score below.

We will draw a random winner (or two) on June 13th at 11:30AM PT | 2:30PM ET during our Live Show with the always awesome Andrew and Pete

P.S. While not required to play and win, please remember that sharing is caring! If you loved the game we would love for you to share it with a friend. 💕

You Don't Know Facebook Messenger Game

You Don't Know Facebook Game

Come test your Facebook™ savvy and possibly win a prize. Take this Messenger 💬 game for a drive

Be sure to come back and post your score below and let’s see how we all rank 😉 We will be giving away a mystery treasure chest prize to one random player who posts their score here! *Draw Date: April 25th during our 1PM PT | 4PM ET Show.

Never Would I Ever: Social Media Marketing Edition

Never Would I Ever Game

Oh hey, there friend. Would you mind slowing your scroll for 🔥one hot minute?

Thanks! We have a fun game you may like if you want to give it a go. It is called “Never Would I Ever – Social Media Marketer’s Edition” Interested? Fantastic! To join the fun just Click on the link down yonder:

OR tell me something you have done with social media that you wish you could take back. We will then shoot the game right over into your Messenger. 💬

Leaderboard Rankings as of June 5th